Broga Yoga Brunch

Due to the popularity of the up and coming Yogi Brunch event this weekend, (with the lovely Sophie Clyde) we have organised another opportunity to cultivate fresh intentions and welcome 2015 with open arms.

It is our exciting news to announce our Broga Yoga Boozy Brunch event.

A session we are holding specifically for the men on Sunday 25th January 2015 

The aim of this event is to provide a space for men (and now women too – due to the demand we open it up to both) to get to grips with yoga in an accessible class. The sequences are created specifically and accommodate to the varying flexibilities of every body, from the beginner yogi, couch potato to the gym bunny.

If you have been meaning to try out yoga, are a newbie or already a regular this is a place to mix and mingle with follow fit and wellness foodies, enjoy a restorative workout and eat some jolly good food.

Broga Yoga Boozy Brunch

The Yoga


Sophie will lead you in a transformative practice, focusing on dynamic flow, with specific focus on muscle-toning, cardio-working, stress-reducing, clarity-enhancing yoga postures with functional fitness exercises that will strengthen your core and improve flexibility.

Don’t worry if you are a beginner… there is no requirement to be able to touch your toes.

Broga Yoga Boozy Brunch Tess Ward

The Food

Eating is not recommended before practice, however you will need your energy, so we will be providing satisfying Almond and Banana Protein Smoothies and fresh coconut pineapple coolers to give you an energising boost when you arrive.
After the yoga class Tess will serve up breakfast. All of the dishes on offer are nutrient packed, wholesome and healthy to nourish the mind and body after your yoga practice.
All the dishes are high in natural beneficial proteins, gluten free, and absent of any refined sugar. The sweet potato hash, is packed with beta-carotene and mega omega avocado, lots of good fats and powerful antioxidant to help keep the body strong in this cold weather. The eggs are all free-range and locally sourced. The courgette fritters are filled with warming spiced, high in vitamin c, cooked in coconut oil and served with locally raised, crispy shards of bacon.
The smoothies also contain maca powder (one of the most potent, energising super foods)
A great deal of love has gone into this menu and we cannot wait to share it with you!
Broga Yoga Boozy Brunch Healthy London

On the Menu

  • Almond and Banana Protein Smoothie – Pineappple Coconut Coolers
  • Courgette Fritters with Feta and Avocado Cream 
  • Sweet Potato Hash, with Spicy Chorizo and Fried Egg 
  • Tess’ Metabolism-boosting Virgin Mary – Organic Coffee from Nude Espresso and Herbal Teas 


Grab your tickets HERE


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