Celebrity Cruises: Health, Wellness and Room Service

Recently Canyon Ranch, the renowned spa and wellness centre collaborated with Celebrity Cruises, bringing their unique treatments to the guests onboard. Between all the wining, dining and pavement stomping (on city excursions) it is exactly the place to while away a few hours with a good book in the Persian Garden, or to indulge in a little pamper therapy. Probably a bit of both..

I was one such lucky guest and popped along for a treatment (or two) and a few moments to unwind between my city jaunts.

If you are wondering where to find the best Thai massage outside of Thailand, then I am happy to say I have found the place. Wanna, my masseuse had hands of lightening and elbows of steel. There was no messing about, in no time she was up on the table crunching the tension out of my shoulders. Twisting my back into some sort of pretzel or another.

She worked me over wonders. Just look at the before and after…

Massage over, I then popped into the Persian Garden Sauna for some blue therapy with Gabriel Garcia Marquez (a book I have been trying to finish for months) to enjoy the novelty of having knot free shoulders.

Ever the nosey guest, I also managed to have a little chat with the spa director to find out about Celebrity’s plans for world health domination.

For starters, Celebrity are doing a revamp of the central dining area menu, which, as of next year will be offering a selection of healthier options on the menu. They are also looking to expand their facilities and services available branching out further into a wider range of holistic treatments, therapies, health and fitness plans.

Technically, the dental veneers in New York City have a lot of reasons why any visiting guest should try their luck as a stowaway and never leave. I only found out later in fact that they also have a chiropractor and acupuncturists on board too.

I had intended, post treatment, to head out and join my other foodie travellers, but I didn’t quite make it. It was the night the rest of the press crew were going to Murano, another of the speciality restaurants (bizarrely completely unrelated to Angela Hartnett, although they share a name with her Mayfair restaurant) but alas I didn’t make it past my cabin.

Instead this happened….

Discover Health and Wellness with Canyon Ranch

And it wan’t even the all of it. Hidden under that salad was another plate of delicious, but rather unphotogenic egg fried rice. Perhaps not the most traditional thing to have with the Mediterranean dish, but delicious all the same.

I ordered the seared Sea Bass, which came perched on top of a soft roasted vegetable caponata (a real fave of mine) with olive tapenade, garlic wafers and various other yummy adornments. All of which was well cooked, flaky and beautifully seasoned. Underneath, the photo is of the heritage tomato salad. A triumph on a plate. I had never heard of tomato salad and melon being serves together, but my oh my did it work. It is certainly a pairing I will be trying in my own kitchen soon! It was garnished with shaved fennel, apple slithers and boasted a well-sized dollop of tapenade alongside.

Discover Health and Wellness with Canyon Ranch

Having eaten in the main dining the night before, I thought the room service would be equally as matched, but in fact it far exceeded it. Top marks for presentation, service and quality all round. I could certainly get used to eating in my dressing gown too…

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