Heartwarming Valentines Yoga Supperclub

A celebration of yoga and food, how better to honour this Valentines day.


For our third event, Sophie Clyde and I are putting on a yoga supper club at 7.30pm on Thursday 12th Feb, to encourage positive affirmations and open hearts and celebrate life in a loving, nurturing practice.

Heartwarming Valentines Yoga Supperclub

The Yoga

Our practice will focus on welcoming positive affirmations in a gentle, restorative practice, focusing on opening up and encouraging love and positivity in through the heart chakra. We will work to re awakening muscle groups, allowing you to stretch up through integrated poses, strengthen your core and improve flexibility. Also dynamic flows, gentle backbends (to open up the heart) and guided breathing to bring mindfulness to our own practice, helping us to connect with our innermost intentions.

All levels are welcome including beginners.
Heartwarming Valentines Yoga Supperclub

The Food 

To follow is a relaxed, informal dinner with a selection of recipes from Tess’ cookbook ‘The Naked Diet’, due for release in may. All of the dishes on offer are nutrient packed, gluten free, wholesome and healthy to nourish the mind and body after your yoga practice. There will be a choice of two main dishes, salad and also pudding. Options for both vegans and vegetarians too. (Although please do let me know in advance)

Heartwarming Valentines Yoga Supperclub - Tess Ward Cookbook

The Menu 

  • Cleansing Spicy Lemonade 
  • Spiced Lamb Meatballs with Rhubarb, Pistachio and Cardamom with Almond Pilaf or Yoga Bowl : Sweet Potato Dahl, Brown Rice and Coconut Salsa (v)
  • Ribboned Kale and Peach Salad and Roasted Vegetables
  • Cardamom Spiced Raw Chocolate Cookies and Superfood Nut Milkshakes

The spiced meatballs are protein rich and filled with anti-inflammatory, warming spices and are served with a wonderful  rice pilaf, jewelled with barberries and toasted nuts and a wonderful sweet and sour, spiced rhubarb sauce.

Alternately the other option is the yoga bowl. A veggie sweet potato dahl with warming ginger, that is slow cooked in nutrient rich vegetable broth and coconut milk, spicy sambal and cooling salsa. There will also be lots of fresh salad on offer to get in that vitamin c and antioxidants post practice.
For pudding is a healthy take on milk and cookies with one of Tess’ favourite treats in the book and a maca and baobab-packed superhouse of a nut milkshake, naturally sweetened and darn right delicious.  Other additions are cleansing teas and refreshing cold drinks too.
Tickets are up for sale here


A great deal of love has gone into this menu and we cannot wait to share it with you!

Tess and Sophie x
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