How to make the Perfect Cup of Coffee

Getting the perfect cup of coffee is no easy feat… In the making it is all about mastering the right level of froth, the perfect temperature, the correct ratios and most importantly not burning the milk, but there is much more to it, before the beans even reach the machine.

How to make the Perfect Cup of Coffee, Tess Ward, LUX, Belle Mare, Niomi Smart

Only last week I discovered just how much work goes in to making the perfect cup, from roasted start to frothing finish, at the LUX hotel, in Mauritius. My pal, Niomi Smart and I got an exclusive look behind the scenes and tried our hand at being baristas for the morning.

At LUX they have not only a dedicated coffee bar and an array of distinctive drinks but a roasting room too, from which they supply many other hotels and cafes on the island.

How to make the Perfect Cup of Coffee, Tess Ward

The menu at cafe LUX varies from the rather unusual nitro coffee (coffee with nitrogen – it tasted a little like coffee and fizzy water, not my vibe) to cold drip coffee (it drips for no less than 8 hours through a filter, for the purest brew) to a familiar, yet phenomenal flat white. I was superbly happy that they had almond milk available.

How to make the Perfect Cup of Coffee

I bought my first cafetiere a few months ago, but on my return have now upgraded to a full Sage Barista Express which you can find here. For me the deal maker was the proper grinder and spout -its all about the perfect frothy milk.

I have to say i was wary about my investment but over this week it has surpassed my expectation and more than satisfying my new found coffee amour with some rather fabulously frothy cappus.

If you follow me on snapchat (tesswardchef) you might have seen a few already. The only thing I will warn of about getting a new machine is the temptation to get carried away practicing and over consume on the caffeine (not recommended for health, or sanity). My advice is start hosting brunch parties at your house, so you can practice on friends. You can also try a few of my brekkie recipes whilst you are at it too. My cappucino oatmeal is a fave.

How to make the Perfect Cup of Coffee

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