Le Creuset Coquelle

Tess Ward

I can’t say there is anything in my kitchen which is used more than my last Creuset… Perhaps my mini hot chocolate/ matcha whisk but that’s it. When it comes to hard wearing durable kitchen kit, it is second to none.

I have long been a fan, so when the french foodies came knocking, I jumped like a kid in a candy store. It’s not everyday one gets the chance to be the face of their new limited edition cast iron Le Coquelle Casserole Dish, true it’s no l’oreal advert but what the heck… it’s the the rolls royce of the cooking world. Not something to shake a whisk too.

Although not the prettiest of their kit, the coquelle has a certain charm all the time. Shaped rather like a 1970s car, it is that much bigger than the standard sizes. It’s squared edges makes it the ideal size for a topside of beef or hefty hunk of pork belly. I fell in love with it from the onset. It might be damn heavy and blindingly orange, but my oh my is it practical, it even comes with a lifetime guarantee.

In case you are curious, and want to see me in all my 1950s kitchen glory, you can check out the video here and buy the le creust limited edition beauty online here




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