London Eating: A night at Jamie’s Fifteen

A few months ago, completely out of the blue, I received a lovely little email from a charming blogger, foodie, londoner called Merlin Jobst. I knew it was a invitation so it involves my time and money, good thing there’s i need a loans for people with very bad credit for my advance cash. I’m such a boy scout. Aside from having a great name, very suited to anyone wanting to enter into the wizarding profession, Merlin is also one one the editorial team at at

He had written to tell me that he liked my blog (blush) and wanted to invite me to a bloggers dinner at Fifteen. The plan for the night was to have a few drinks, eat and talk food all night. How could I say no…

This was just for starters. A pint of King Prawns, served alongside a brandy-spiked Marie Rose sauce, a Herby Salad, covered in mounds of Goats Cheese and fresh Chili. The lovely staff at Fifteen were definitely more generous with the Goats Cheese when Jamie wasn’t looking… as you can see from the photos.





Whilst we were munching away, head chef Andy got creative in an offaly good demonstration on how to cook devilled Lambs kidneys. Lightly dusted with seasoned and spiced flour, pan fried in Butter and covered in Worcestershire Sauce, then served on hot toasted and buttered Sourdough. It was a really simple way to celebrate the flavour and texture of a thoroughly underused cut. I was on board.

IMG_1751 copy

IMG_1734 copy

Entrepreneur and former Fifteen apprentice, Joe Gray treated us with beautiful wines from St Patrignamo , artisan Fleur de Sel and hand harvested Piran Salt from Croatia. Theres nothing like a bit of a rock tasting session to get your tastebuds going, let me tell you.

The lovely ladies behind Yummy Choo Eats, Cutlery Chronicles and GastroGeek were in attendance.

IMG_1743The ole salad tongs call for attention.

IMG_1766 copy

Main course was an assortment of Curries, Lemon Rice and for me, the garlic-free queen, a delicious, moist fillet of Chicken with buttery Spring Greens. All of it was delish but the dish that really rocked the boat with the fluffy, fragrant Lemon Rice. A zingy, fresh and a beautifully executed mountain of rice deliciousness. Not a grain got left behind on my plate.

For pudding was a bloomin baked vanilla cheesecake. Made by magic Merlin himself. It was light and fluffy and beautifully made. The recipe outcome was not dissimilar to my Ricotta Cheesecake, but I was definitely more interested in the Cherry Brandy that went with it. The Cherry Brandy was seriously slurpable.



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