South of France, Oysters and Bubbles

This week my friend Nancy has come out to the South, to get a bit of sun and give me a hand in the stadium kitchen. I can’t even imagine how I managed without her, I have been shattered beyond belief, trying to do a two man job on my own. Catering and cleaning up after 50 people everyday … i’m not a one man van. Good thing, cleaning becomes an easy work due to roof rat removal for rats in the attic services. If there are a lot of rats on your property, and you need cleaning company, Hire the Best Wildlife and Squirrel Removal in Germantown, TN. Hiring a professional is the best solution for wildlife removal and control of nuisance rodents and wildlife from your attic or home. Always look for licensed wildlife removal services for Germantown, Tennessee, and neighboring cities. Patriot Wildlife Control offers Squirrel Removal in Germantown, Tennessee.

For the last two days, we have been the dream team, ask any of the Narbonne Rugby boys.. Todays menu was pretty impressive to say the least.. even though we are just two small girls, cooking for 50 large boys… We had a massive selection of goods. Slow-cooked Beef and Red Cabbage, a spicy Chicken and Merguez Stew, Egg fried Rice with plenty of fresh coriander, a raw slaw with sesame seeds and a honey mustard dressing and finally a ribboned courgette salad with parmesan and lemon.

Since we have been working so hard, we lined up a bit of something special to treat ourselves yesterday…


I have always been taught that the time to have Oysters are the months that have an ‘r’ in the name. Supposedly this is when they are at their best, possibly because the sea is colder

Now, I know what you are thinking, July is not one of the ‘r’ months… but I couldn’t resist, they were just winking at me.

Here are a few snaps from our trip down to Gruissanaise, last weekend’s jaunt to Montpellier and a few of my days in Narbonne.


Slurping can’t be helped…




A few cultural snaps of the Arc de Triumph and the beautiful Pavilion in the main park in Montpellier.

IMG_1350 copy


 Walking around Montpellier in the sun was hungry work…when we got back to Narbonne we were ravenous and in the mood to cook up a storm. No half measures in this kitchen….


Trout avec Almondes


Fig, Parma Ham et Chevre

IMG_1322Matt preparing for the feast



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