Scrambled Eggs with Pesto and Cherry Tomatoes

Oh how it saddens me to see off the last of the summer sun. I feel that these last moments of sunshine are nearly gone, so I am lapping up as much vitamin D as I can. What better way to celebrate then with a breakfast full of colour…
Everyone has their own method with scrambled eggs. Some swear by the addition of milk, some use cream, others just opt for the eggies themselves, perhaps with a shed-load of butter?! Far be it from me to tell you how it should be done… who am I to say how. The only thing I can say, is after a lot of experimenting I have uncovered the method that works THE BEST (for me).
If you are a hardcore cream or milk lover then look away now, because the following method is not for you!
My mystery secret ingredient is water. You might be thinking ‘huh’, ‘water’ … well yes. It sounds odd but somehow water is the trick to getting the softest, fluffiest eggs time and time again. By adding a mere 2 tbs of water, for every two eggs you scramble (a tablespoon of water per egg, if you will) you slow down the cooking process and keep the moisture in the eggs whilst they cook. So by the time they finish cooking and the water is all evaporated you have fluffy, light-as-a-cloud eggs.
(Serves 1 – lonely breakfast eater)
  • 2 Eggs
  • a handful of Cherry Tomatoes
  • 1 heaped tsp Homemade Pesto
  • 1 piece Wholemeal Toast, Bagel, French bread – of choice
  • 1 tbs Butter (for the toast and cooking the eggs)
  • Salt and fresh Black Pepper
Put a frying pan on a medium/high heat and melt half the butter.
Crack the eggs into a bowl  with a 2 tbs of water and whisk. Season the eggs with a good pinch of salt and pepper.
Turn the heat in the pan down to low and add the eggs to the pan
Stir them in the pan whilst they cook. Make sure not to let them catch at the bottom
Put your toast on to cook… this is all about timing.
Take the eggs of the heat when they are nearly cooked but still slightly underdone, because by the time you have buttered your toast they will be perfect because the residual heat in the pan will continue cooking them.
Arrange your eggs on top of the toast, slice and scatter the cherry tomatoes and dollop over a little pesto.
Season with extra salt and pepper to taste.
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