Spring Beauty Staples

With spring on our doorstep, what better time for a beauty cupboard overhaul?!

Ok, admittedly the season has only half heartedly sprung, (my woollens and knits are still very much more appealing then ballet flats and anything marginally flesh revealing,) but certainly now is the time to revamp any under loved beauty drawer with a bit of NPLC (new product loving care.)

Pre- summer sunshine, certainly before bikini season. Lets hop to it shall we…

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You might be wondering why, in the midst of so many foodie posts I have decided to pop up one about beauty. Well, the truth is, so much of the way we look and feel is reliant of the foods we eat, sure we could get nose jobs, liposuction, and other, but we can also achieve these thinks by eating healthy . You may well look to your local boots store, or the makeup-caked women, at the Selfridges beauty counter, for the answer on banishing puffy eyes/ clearing up blocked pores, when the answer often lies with the ingredients on your plate. Having a good diet and eating well is an essential beginning for any good beauty regime. It is certainly as important as the products that you buy.

As someone that suffers with IBS, the first thing that gets affected when I eat the wrong foods is my skin. It gets congested and blocked. In some ways it is a great warning sign for me that I need to slow down, cut back on the sugar and take care of myself, but on the other it is something I would rather be without. To counter this I have three fail safes I always stick to. Unfortunately no product can be substituted for them.


  1. WATER: Drink a LOT of it. I am talking minimum two litres a day. this can be in the form of herbal teas, fizzy or still water, but squash certainly doesn’t count
  2. REST: I am not talking just about a good amount of sleep here, but also good quality rest. Unwind time. This can be in the form of baths, reading, drawing, anything that required stillness and a slowing of mental activity. A good amount of rest and relaxation can transform a person’s face.
  3. GOOD FATS: A mixture of different fat sources are good. Fish oils, (like salmon and mackerel) avocado, flax seed oil, extra virgin olive oil, coconut milk and coconut oil are all good to keep the skin plump and well moisturised from the inside.

ADDITIONAL : Drinking fresh green juices and ensuring you eat a rainbow of vegetables (which provide the body with beneficial micronutrients) are also great for keeping skin clear, hair shiny and overall wellbeing. Juicing is not something I do everyday, but I ensure that at least one meal I have a plate primarily rainbow coloured.

Spring Beauty Staples, tess ward, chef, food, writer, beauty, healthy, recipes, wellness, cookbook, juices, smoothie

Aside from the food we eat, the products we use and a good skincare regime is essential as well.

Makeup aside, it is having good products and a taking time to look after our face and body that is the most important thing in beauty. Because it is often difficult to find the products that really work, I wanted to share this site https://eliteplasticsurgeryaz.com  a handful of my favourites that I use regularly and find work really well. From body creams, oil and skincare.

The only one not photographed (because I used it all up) is The Sanctuary Spa shower soufflé, which you can check out hereIt is an amazing, indulgent shower gel which leaves the entire bathroom smelling like a vanilla powder puff.

Spring Beauty Staples, tess ward, chef, food, writer, beauty, healthy, recipes, wellness, cookbook, juices, smoothie

The Best Resurfacer : Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel

You don’t need a doctor for skin resurfacing and a glowing complexion. This two set peel is an amazing product that you can use with ease in your home. The peel works with skin-resurfacing hydroxyl acids in two two-steps, to remove the top layers of skin. It is great to reduce the appearance of lines, uneven texture, skin tone and enlarged pores. Aside from a light tingle and a little redness, the product is minimal in discomfort and yields amazing results. I use it over night once ever 4-5 days.

The Best Body Oil : Pai Royal Jasmine and May Chang Body Oil

Pai is a wonderful brand, known for creating products suitable for sensitive skin. Their body oil is one of my favourite products to use in the evenings after a bath, to lock in moisture and soften my skin whilst I sleep, nourishing the skin with its beneficial Omegas and Vitamins A & E. The oil also has the most wonderful, soothing smell of jasmine and sweet almond.

The Best Body Cream: Aveda Shampure Body Lotion

This affordable, replenishing body moisturiser is light and absorbs well into the skin, so it is great for everyday daytime use. It has a fresh, light smell, with an aromatic blend of plant essences. Which are subtle enough to compliment any daytime perfumes. Like my signature scent for Aqua di Parma (pictured above)

The Best Lip Balm: Omorovicza Perfecting Lip Balm

This is the most hydrating and effective lip balm I have found yet. Using it all through the colder months it has kept my lips soft, supple and kissable, without fault. It is great, under lipstick and doesn’t have that dreaded glossy effect. I cannot recommend it more highly.

The Best Body Boosting Supplement: Bio Care AD 206

In the spring months often people get a bit coldy as the pollen comes out and sleeping bacterias awaken. Since this time of year is often a busy one, I take a complex vitamin b supplement, with pantothenic acid and niacin. This helps keep my adrenals balanced and prevents my body from feeling overexerted and tired.

The Best Beauty Oil: Neals Yard Beauty Oil

This is another daily supplement I take, with the Bio Care AD 206 (above) The oil is a specially created mixture of antioxidants including vitamin E and carotenoids alpha and beta-carotene that helps boost the goodness in your diet. One tablespoon morning and night helps to ensure I get beneficial fats to that keep my skin soft and supple.

Spring Beauty Staples, tess ward, chef, food, writer, beauty, healthy, recipes, wellness, cookbook, juices, smoothie



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