Spring Clean: Getting Ready for Summer

In winter I am known to be a bit of a hibernator. I prefer a comfort of my kitchen, nights in with a big bowl of pasta (gluten free, of course) and a relaxing session of netflix and chill then nights out, drinking my champagne and a side of chill blanes. However as the warmer month roll around, much like a butterfly emerging from a rather cozy cocoon, I get drawn out of my hibernation station.

The spring for me is a great time to reassess lifestyle goals. Work on personal motivation and try new things. For me it is always experimenting with new ingredients, and more recently, exploring new exercise (I am in awe/ slightly intimidated with the amount of choice on Classpass) and also keeping on top of my resources (aka the non-negotiable things I do to minimise stress and keep on track). Certainly, for many of us, there is nothing like the thought of bared legs at picnics and bikini season to get everyone thinking more seriously about cleaning up their diet and making a few lifestyle tweaks, so I have complied a few ingredients, tips and favourites I am loving this spring, in the hope it might inspire and interest you.

Spring Clean: Getting Ready for Summer, Tess Ward, Favourite, Diet, Eat, Make, Cook

Spring Pampering

A ritualistic pamper once a week is the way I prepare to bare any skin before summer. I have to say I am someone that hates spending more time than is essential beautifying – I am known for going my makeup in the car on the way to events, but when needs must, I dovetail this with a quiet night in and will start with a bath and do a full facial cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturise.

Spring Clean: Getting Ready for Summer

My top product picks

  • Elemis: Biotec skin energising day cream is really lightweight and refreshing, so its perfect for summer. Its almost more like a hydrating gel and makes the skin matt, so its a great base for make up
  • Origins : By all greens is a new favourite. It is an inexpensive, coconut derived superfood packed deep cleansing foamy face wash and detoxifying mask.My favourite thing is the texture.  Once in contact with water the gel foams up and glide easily on the skin, leaves it feeling lovely and hydrated at the same time as looking and feeling super-clean. Its fab in that really gets my skin feeling refreshed and detoxed, without over drying it, which can be an issue with other masks. I also love that it contains extracts of spirulina, green tea and spinach and has an ecofriendly pump. What a great product, now I can get my superfoods both inside and out.
  • Dr Dennis Gross alpha beta peel are the best quick and wipeable facial exfoliator peels in have come across. No scrubbing needed, just a two part wipe and you are good to go. The daily one is less strong, so you’ll get no red splodges after.

Spring Clean: Getting Ready for Summer

New Kitchen Ingredients

Inner Me’s Purples : My  new breakfast favourite ingredient a superfood powder containing beetroot and carrot and grape. I stir a tablespoon through my porridge after taking off the heat. and finish with two heaped tablespoons of plain probiotic yoghurt, mixed with a tablespoon of sunwarrior vegan protein powder. Its my new speedy weekday brekkie.

Rude Health Thins and homemade dips: I personally find it really hard to curb the sweet craving at 4-5pm snack time. Amongst my recent health food haul I have bought some rather amazing nutritional yeast and have come up with a great recipe for cheesey truffle spread (see recipe). Its the perfect thing to slather over rice cakes or toast.

Spring Clean: Getting Ready for Summer, Tess Ward, Health


Boost Digestion : L’glutamine and Nutriflux

A non chemically sweetened Vitamin C effervescent and good probiotics are all things I try to take to support my digestion. These however I am very intermittent with. The two supplements however that I swear by and recommend to anyone with poor digestion, are l’glutamine and nutriflux. They have helped strengthen my digestion no end and minimise my symptoms of IBS when they occur.


I have recently discover the amazing nutritionist Gabriella Peacock and her wonderful range of supplements. She offers two week programs, tailored to suit many different lifestyles. My favourite is the Restore Me with energy stabilising antioxidants and . They are convenient and easy, I store a handful in my handbag for moments when I need them.

Spring Clean: Getting Ready for Summer, Tess Ward, Health

Read: What they don;t teach you at Harvard Business School

I am loving this frank and an entertaining read about the intricacies of business, by the founder and CEO of IMG – One of the most successful sports management agencies in the world. He shares an honest and helpful insight into his success, discussing everything from key business issues like analysing yourself and others, sales, negotiation, to time management, decision-making and communication.

Fitness/Finding my abs : Ab Roller

For anyone that has never seen their abs before/ is not aware they existed, the ab roller is a god send. I have never been the person able with even a hint of Britney abs and yoga, as much as I love, it has only succeeded in strengthening my core. Viva the ab roller… if you alternate it with side plank exercises, it will do for you tummy what the squat challenge can go for your ass. It is hands down my best fitness purchase all year.

Meditate : Listen to Depak Chopra on Youtube

When I say meditate, I mean sit or lie for 20-30 minutes.This is especially important if you are busy/ active on a hangover day. Meditating or sitting, focusing on your breath in quiet helps connect mind and body and stills the wild horses that our post-pickled brain are likely to have thundering about. Before I started meditating in quiet, I would rely on the soothing voice of Depak to help ground me, before sleep. The video length is also the perfect amount of time, so that if you do drift off at some stage, his voice wont wake you an hour later.

Spring Clean: Getting Ready for Summer, Tess Ward, Favourite, Diet, Eat, Make, Cook

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