Travel Essentials 101

Packing for a holiday is usually it is a haphazard nightmare the day before I leave, with me cramming any and everything in to my case with the best intentions for their use. This year however I made my resolution (to get more organised) early and made a list.

If like me you have the tendency to bring any and every, never used, cosmetic and skin care products and pack far too much. I have written this post to help aid anyone else sun seeking this winter. These are my whittled down sun-ready essentials. Go ahead take a snoop in my suitcase…

Travel Essentials 101

Swimwear: Triangl

Well made and complementary for all body types, these funky neoprene bikinis from Triangl come in many colours. From bright and neon to black and mesh, you are sure to find one if not several that you like. Pre-holiday packing I might have been wearing mine, jumping up and down on the bed and getting throughly overexcited for my holiday… sorry neighbours.

Sportswear: Every Second Counts

Comfortable and wearable sportswear for beach to mountain trekking, Every Second Counts succeeds in making the functional look stylish. Just pair with some hareem pants or a high waisted skirt and their cropped sports bras will serve you well from yoga mat to slinking around local bazaars.

Travel Essentials 101


Bling: Lily King

Lily’s jewellery is simple, understated and easy to wear from pool side to dinner table. They are also light and easily transportable.

Haircare: Aveda

Especially their sun care hair spray. It is the best for taming crazy beach hair and preventing the (almost inevitable) scarecrow look.

Skincare: Pai Skincare

They make best, natural products available for sensitive skin. I love their cream cleanser in particular. It keeps my pale face clean and dirt free without stripping all the natural oils. Their rosehip oil is also a great hydrating post-sun moisturiser too

To Snuggle: Allegra Scarves

If every there is a time when a good scarf is needed it is for a holiday. A scarf is once of the first things that makes its way into my handluggage, to snuggle into, lean on, cover my face, shield my eyes on the flight.. My new favourite is the wonderful cashmere scarves from Allegra. Soft and snuggly, they are also light and highly useful once to get to the other side too. This chelsea scarf has made a great turban, it has also been useful, covering my knees when wondering in the Balinese temples and shoulders from the sun.

To Read: One hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, The Signature of all Things by Elizabeth Gilbert and Not that Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham

A little bit of fantasy realism from Gabriel to while away the hours in the jungle and transport the mind to another land. Some love, world travel, adventure and discovery with the character of Alma Whittaker in Gilbert’s new novel. Some musings, observant cynicism and witty annecdotes from Lena’s life story thus far.

Travel Essentials 101

Supplements and Super foods

Although not photographed, I did pack a few supplements and super foods to keep me going over the next two weeks. Chances are they won’t get used much, what with all the amazing local food and supplements available in Ubud but it is good to plan with intention. I brought a home mixed bag of supergreens, multivitamins, peppermint oil capsules, a big batch of quinoa flapjacks and a bag of raw almonds. The supergreens is a zip lock bag made up of 40% wheatgrass and 30% spirulina and 30% maca powder. A powerhouse of nutrition that I can add to smoothies, coconut water or mix into muesli for added nutrition. The multivitamins are to keep my immune system strong, which is important when travelling. Peppermint oil is good to sooth digestion, should anyone feel a bit wobbly, the flapjacks are a healthy snack for the flight and the almonds are kept in my suitcase for and emergency.

 Travel Essentials 101

All the essentials packed… not forgetting passport, money and all the travel documents, (plus the rest of my luggage) and I was good to go. I shall admit it now, my intentions for light packing were on point but the last minute rush might have seen a whole lot of extras make it in that weren’t needed.

The is itself changing. Provident’s strategy is to offer credit cards for subprime borrowers, reduce the number and costs of local agents, and invest in its consumer loans website, you can check my source to be sure.

Just get me to the sunshine and lush green bali please… I can’t to see off 2014 with an abundance of nasi goreng and fresh coconut water.

If you have any recommendations for great local restaurants, cafes and bars in Ubud and along the north west coast, please do let me know. Any and every tips are always welcome 🙂

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