Videojug, Behind the Scenes

I would say that I have been pretty organised the last few weeks with my recipe testing and development… but however much preparation I do, getting food to turn out perfectly is never foolproof. Especially on camera. There are always the little hiccups. This friday marked the most classic moment to date, when I poured a kettle-full of boiling water into a glass bowl, split the glass into two parts and created a tsunami of boiling water that covered the whole kitchen… oops

Here are a few snaps from that day. The first recipe from this day of filming will be uploaded 23rd Aug. In the meantime, check out a few recipes from my Tasty Tenner Series. Which one is your fave?


Sticky Asian Pork Chops with Tenderstem Broccoli and Sticky RiceIMG_2153

Mexican Bean Tacos with Raw Slaw and FetaIMG_2152


and a treat… A little inspirational poetry (For anyone not yet waving the magic spoon around their kitchen and dancing to the foodie tune.)


Her plan was to fix and make it good, a taste just like real food should,

Even if she had messed some part, she would never shy away from her art,

With sauce over-reduced she would not despair, or cry or yell or rip out her hair,

She would add more water until it became,

Smooth and fluid and perfect again,

Though straight to the plate was not advised,

She’d manage to pull the wool over their eyes,

These cheats and shortcuts shows cannot teach,

Unless in a chippy or stranded on a beach,

She will bet you a penny that Nigella and Jamie

Or Ainsley or Heston have had a bad moment

With jelly, or custard, or souffle or fondant,

Splitting, curdling, melting or flopping,

The just find a way to glue on the topping,

So don’t feel berated or sad or surprised,

If your cream is as smooth as an old lady’s thighs,

Just keep on cooking because with time,

You will mature and improve like a great bottle of wine.


Spaghetti Carbonara, the classic way. No cream, egg yolks only!!


Chicken Noodle Soup. Slurptastic eating. If you eat it with chopsticks, just try not to get soup all over your chin. I bet you can’t…


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