Black n Choc Bagels

Merry post-christmas. My oh my what a christmas cracker of a hangover…. There are definitely some pipers piping in my head this morning.

Before you pop out to hit the Christmas sales, it is time to eat (just a little bit more) and make sure you are fuelled up for some spending. Have a little look at what I have in store…

IMG_6902 copy

Since I missed spending the full christmas day with my family yesterday. I only got the tail end of dinner because I was doing the cooking for another family lunch instead) the plan was to have another ‘faux christmas’ in my honour today. I had hoped that a full salmon, eggs and champers brekkie would be in order, perhaps before a spritely walk in the sunshine.. and then the main event. Mum’s best yummy scrummy duck with damson sauce.

It’s not going to happen. Everyone is too delicate to turn on a kettle, let alone rustle up a roast or a eggy brekkie. Me included. So its plan b for breakfast… time to crack open the chocolate dulce de leche I got in my stocking. Thanks santa…

IMG_6908 copy


  • A Wholemeal Bagel, sliced and toasted
  • Smotherings of Choc Dulce de Leche/ Nutella or my healthy alternative Avocado Choc Spread
  • A dollop or two of Blackcurrant Jam

Oh you wheel of chocolate, fruity joy you.



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