London Eating: Dinner with a View at UNA, Kings Cross

UNA, is a one tabled restaurant, curated and created by Argentine chef, Martin Milesi. A sky high experience, held up the top of St Pancras Clock tower, it is reserved only a handful of lucky diners at one time. The restaurant consists of only one table, around which the twelve diners sit.

Dinner with a View at UNA, Kings Cross

It is hard to know where to begin with a 7-course feast at UNA. Do I go down the route of explaining the delicious nuances of each course, the carefully thought out flavours and intricate plating? Or do I talk about the eleven other characters, who I bonded over bread with up the dizzying heights of the Clock tower?

I think it’s going to have to be the later…

Dinner with a View at UNA, Kings Cross

Here we have a fusion of South American food brought to London in what they describe as a ‘home away from home environment’. If only my living room had this sort of view. Twelve strangers parked (as supper clubs require) awkwardly side by side. Bonding over the weather and delicious food. Cooing and cawing over the seared meats and expertly matched booze.

I was sat among a collection of a great dinner party guests, among them a lady who had trained at Leith’s (cooking school), was a regular marathon runner and trained astronaut. She was certainly not short of stories.

It would do Martin an injustice to pass over the spectacular food that was consumed over the evening. The food was exquisite and provided an amazing insight into South American cuisine. Taster plates came out in quick succession, laden with mouth-watering creations. All beautifully presented on dark slabs of stone. Dishes were left incomplete. It was our job to make each mouthful into a delicious melange ourselves.

For those of you looking to spice up your dinners out, and try something new, then investing in a UNA experience is certainly worth it. Everything from the location to the food to the company was memorable. Those of you who are nervous about unknown company, don’t be too hesitant. You never know who you might run in too and what entertainment you might witness…

You can find the details of UNA here 

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