Eat to balance your Hormones

The word Hormones transports me back to the image of a pubescent teen. A time of period pains, mood swings, unquenchable sugar cravings, spots, braces and a raging sexual appetite, where I even used to find hot snapchat pictures to satisfy it. All of the repelling tendencies of the former preventing the satiation of the latter. Teendom is a period of development in our lives many often forget when they reach the other side.

So many of these memories get locked away,  saved only for family gatherings, awkward dates and great best man speeches, but this almost decade is a pivotal time in our development. Not just for being a time of identity development, but because it is during this that our bodies are blossoming out of the cocoon and flourishing into fully formed butterflies.

First and foremost a balanced gut bacteria is a key part. Since the gut is the gateway into the body, keeping it happy is vital for optimum gaming health. This doesn’t mean cutting out all sugar, carbs and anything delicious (as so many publications will have you believe) but eating enough anti bacterial foods that you body will be able to deal with a bit of sugar in moderation.

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