FITNESS: B is for Booty

Its the Grammys and 28 million people are watching worldwide as Nicki Minaj struts onto the stage. Voice booming, hips shaking, dancers twerking.

How many people are watching her performance? Are we all (or is it just me) transfixed, staring at her backside. He immovable, pert, unashamedly implanted buttocks. Two ripe melons weighing down her slight frame. Sorry, but you can’t help but stare. They are the attentions grabbers, the conversation catalysis. The distinctive attribute we associate with Miss Minaj. It would be bizarre, rude almost not to acknowledge them.

Ever since JLo burst onto the screen in Maid in Manhattan, bums have been having their moment. So much so that over the last two decades we have gone from ‘my bum looks too big in this’ to ‘my bum cant look big enough in this’.

As part of this there has also been a vastly growing percentage of women (and even men) who have even taken to increasing the size of their shakers through implants and also fat injections. There are also those undertaking serious regimes, such as the gruelling 20-day squat challenge.

Being someone with a slighter than normal size, a set of bamboo legs and little to no demi curve, I have always been wishful of those blessed with good bums, but had never before set to try and do anything about it.

FITNESS: B is for Booty


So, I set about a 2-month challenge, with thrice weekly sessions of squats, weights and lunges, done under the instruction and guidance of the talented trainers at Fulham’s top PT spot, Lomax to see if I could trick my genes and fill out more of my jeans.

This began as a task to build up my strength and physical mass, but being a weight novice at the beginning, it took time. I began barely able to lift a dumbbell and finished being able to lift my own weight (nearly).

The first few weeks I found myself easily fatigued, drained and ravenous, as my body adjusted to the change. It certainly took persistence and diligent training but as the weeks wore on I grew bit by bit. Gaining, in the end, two inches around my bum and an inch around each leg.

I worked with head trainer Olu, and (ex-barry’s bootcamp babe) Hannah alternately. They both had such different styles and different techniques for training, that a combination of both was just perfect. With Hannah we mixed up a collection of circuits, using the TRX and bosu ball for core training and balance as well. Her sessions were more dynamic and added in a little cardio too. After the demanding routine I always used my heart rate monitor for a quick check. Olu focused on weights only. Squats, lunges, step ups and (once I could handle it) we moved onto leg presses and the cross bar.

Had I not already done yoga, I think I would have struggled to keep up without some sort of sports massage or extensive stretching. Working the muscles in this way shortens them and can make them tight and tense. As such, it is important to take as much time stretching and indulging in hot baths, with epsom salts to elongate and strengthen the muscles to prevent any injury so that the person doesn’t have a hard time finding personal injury law firms later on.

Green Hulk Protein Shake


Getting on track with nutrition was another sure way to help me achieve my goals. Other than the regular 3-4 meals I would eat a day, I ensured to have one protein shake after each workout session. I alternated between Neat and Sunwarrior. (For both brands the chocolate ones are best.)

As well as this a good portion of protein in each meal, in the form of legumes, pulses, eggs, fish or meat was also key, to help build the muscle my body was working hard to grow. Gaining enough protein to help muscles recover are a key to helping achieve good results. My Green Hulk Protein Shake and also my Spiced Banana and Pecan Shake (from my cookbook) were both regular favourites. Protein packed and absolutely delicious.

Monday vibes. Getting back on track after the weekend. #eatclean #traindirty @ollielee21

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Despite thinking that this would be a two-month window only and I would inevitably go back to my yoga-only ways, I have carried on lifting weights and exercising booty growth beyond this time via classes and activities at home too. It is more exhilarating than cardio and really yields results. For anyone thinking of trying out a new workout regime, or looking into getting into fitness, now is the best time to start. We are spoilt in London with such a great array of amazing classes and programmes. Doing group activities like this is a great way to keep you interested, continually trying new things and persevering with your fitness. Lots of studios offer great introductory discounts and there are also great new apps like class passwhich allow you to try different workouts with ease. There are also downloadable programmes to do at home too. The blogger and personal trainer Kayla Itsines offers a great training program for women, which is easy to follow and accessible if you don’t want to go to the gym or hire a personal trainer. You can check out her amazing abs circuit here Do let me know if you guys have any great new classes or booty workouts you recommend. I would love some of your advice. Until then I will keep on happily skipping myself to a bigger booty.  

As If we all turned up to @thelomaxway wearing the same @rottenroach hoodie from a custom printed hoodies company @saskiawinbergh @tesswardchef A photo posted by Rosie Fortescue (@rosiefortescue) on

    1. I have a fab program with a great selection of recipes coming out in the new year. lots of protein filled options 🙂 I hope you like it x

  1. I’ve definitely increased my weight training in the past years. Before I wouldn’t go anywhere near them, and now I prefer it sooo much more than cardio. I can’t stand just running on a treadmill. Bore.

    I’m now part of a gym here in Sydney that focuses on strength and yoga, so I go about 5 times a week alternating between spinning classes, vinyasa flow yoga, boxing, and strength focused classes with circuits, weights, and TRX.

    When I lived in London I loved Frame, as I love classes and find them really motivating. I’ll be moving back next year, so I’m still on the lookout for new places and Lomax actually sounds really cool, as does Psycle and many Ballet Barre places. X

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