Holy Porridge

I love my early morning Porridge ritual. Not because my first and most important meal of the day be delicious and tasty, but also that it will fill me and set me up for the day ahead. As much as I sound like a Kelloggs advert, its the absolute truth. There is a reason those hardy Scotsmen live so long, and its not the whisky!
I am constantly reading articles about the power the humble oat has in transforming human health. From improving asthma to regulating hormones, and even reducing the risk of diabetes. What I will say for sure is that is a great appetite quencher. On mornings when i reach for a bowl of the healthy good stuff I am about ten times less likely to snack in the morning. It also prevents the low blood sugar drop which sees me reaching for sweetie treaties. Oh and another thing,  it keeps you regular… much better then coffee and a ciggie.
Click here  for more info on Oaty goodness.
In the absence of Berries, sliced Bananas are great with Porridge. I would also add a pinch of  Cinnamon (to the Porridge) because it compliments over-ripe sticky Bananas so well. Experiment with you Porridge, try using Spelt Flakes, Oatbran, a scattering of Flax/Sesame/Sunflower Seeds to decide out how you like it.
(Serves 1)
  •  1 full handful of PORRIDGE OATS
  • 1 tbs ground FLAXSEEDS
  • a small handful of RASPBERRIES
  • 1 FIG
  • 1 heaped tbs GREEK YOGHURT
  • 1 heaped tsp MAPLE SYRUP/HONEY
  • a pinch of good SEA SALT (optional)
Add the PORRIDGE OATS, FLAXSEEDS and a pinch of SALT to a small saucepan and just cover with water
put the pan on the hob on a medium/low heat and stir until you reach your desired consistency
add the PORRIDGE to a bowl scatter over the RASPBERRIES and the FIG, teared in quarters
dollop the YOGHURTt, drizzle the MAPLE SYRUP/ HONEY
Enjoy warm
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  1. So true, my oaty breakfast helps me avoid sweet elevenses. I like linseed, is that the same as flax?This sounds a lovely mix of tart raspberries with rich creamy yoghurt and fragrant honey, yum, equally good for a quick teatime/suppertime? Let’s celebrate what is simple xx

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