Indian Yogi Breakfast Event

After this wonderfully indulgent month of December join us in our delicious sunday yoga breakfast, cultivating fresh intentions and uplifting your start to 2015.

Tess Ward and Sophie Clyde Yoga teacher Breakfast Naked Festive Feast Supperclub

The Yoga

Together we will work on how to meet each experience with acceptance and love (on and off the matt), in order to fully appreciate each moment and find freedom from the restraints we so often place upon ourselves.
Sophie will lead you in a transformative practice, focusing on fluidity and flow. We will work to re awakening muscle groups, allowing you to open up through integrated poses, strengthen your core and improve flexibility. Also deep twists to massage the digestive system, and long stretches to ease out the body, plus guided breathing to bring mindfulness to our own practice, helping us to connect with our innermost intentions.

Get ready to create some radiant heat, overcome some challenges and have a lot of fun! All levels are welcome including beginners.
Tess Ward and Sophie Clyde Yoga teacher Breakfast Naked Festive Feast Supperclub

About the Food

Eating is not recommended before practice, however you will need your energy, so we will be providing satisfying mango lassis and coconut coolers to give you an energising boost when you arrive.
After the yoga class Tess will serve up breakfast. All of the dishes on offer are nutrient packed, wholesome and healthy to nourish the mind and body after your yoga practice.
The turmeric and ginger porridge is filled with natural anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatories and is sweetened with natural, unprocessed coconut syrup. It also contains maca powder (one of the most potent, energising super foods)
Alternately the other option is the gluten free pancakes, based on a traditional indian recipe. These are served with a choice of two toppings either a savoury avocado salsa, flecked with chilli or a sweet spiced banana with coconut cream. There are also a number of teas on offer, as well as a metabolism boosting tonic, (one of the most popular drinks among her students.) There will also be yummy raw date and nut bars to take away… for an afternoon treat.
A great deal of love has gone into this menu and we cannot wait to share it with you!

On the Menu

  • Mango and Lime Lassi – Coconut Water Coolers
  • Turmeric, Ginger and Cardamom Spiced Rice Porridge 
  • Gluten free Coconut Pancakes served with either Bananas and Coconut Palm Syrup or an Avocado, Pineapple and Coconut Salsa and Spicy Sambal
  • Herbals teas – Tess’ Metabolism-boosting Body Tonic

 Please find tickets here.

We look forward to sharing our food and practice with you.

Love and Best Wishes,
Tess and Sophie


The address will be send upon booking.

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