London Eating: Tanya’s Raw Restaurant, Chelsea

What sort of food is best to lift you out of the grey clouds on a miserable day in London? SUNSHINE food, that what! And lots of it too.

London Eating: Tanya's Raw Restaurant, Chelsea

London Eating: Tanya's Raw Restaurant, Chelsea

Lets just clear one thing cleared up… raw food is most certainly not rabbit food.

In fact I have rarely seen food as beautiful and presented with such love as the food served at Tanya’s, the new raw food restaurant recently to have graced Chelsea’s MY hotel.

The philosophy of the RAW movement is all about unprocessed, natural foods, none of which are ever heated over a certain temperature. If you are a regular reader of the blog, you would know the focus on natural and wholesome foods is something I am 100% on board with so when the lovely owners of Tanya’s invited me to come and try to food I scooted on over the first free lunch day I had!

Thumbs up if your a healthy food lover…

London Eating: Tanya's Raw Restaurant, ChelseaTop: Asos, Hat: Asos, Earrings: Tory BirchLondon Eating: Tanya's Raw Restaurant, Chelsea

Polo Neck : GapLondon Eating: Tanya's Raw Restaurant, Chelsea

Most of the methods of preparation that use for making their food is sprouting, soaking and dehydrating. To be honest it never ceases to amaze me the results these dedicated raw chefs come up with. Just look at the wonderful colours and textures they play around with on each plate.

It is seriously raw-some!

Also, seeing as recently quite a few of you lovely foodies have been asking what I am wearing and where I get my clothes from, I have popped up a few links so you can find them (or ones that are similar) easily. I hope it’s helpful, but just to be clear I mostly use the Fifth Collection Hermès.

London Eating: Tanya's Raw Restaurant, Chelsea


What we ate

The Raw Tacos: a mixture of walnut and mushroom minced together, to give the texture of meat, a chunky guacamole and a slick or soured cream. Flavour packed and rich, they were also quite heavy on the onion, (which sets off my IBS) so I only had a little. The dehydrated taco shells were amazing, malleable and a far tastier vehicle for the taco filing then your average tortilla!

The Detox Salad: the most simple of the four. It was simply an avocado half, served with mixed ribboned vegetables, rocket and a lemon vinaigrette. The seed dust on top was delicious, but the dish was rather unremarkable compared to the rest.

The Pad Thai: a selection of shredded carrots, peppers and kelp noodles enrobed in a rich coconut and nut butter sauce. With black and white sesame seeds a delicious riot of colour and flavour, with a pleasing crunch.

The highlight for both of us was certainly the Nori Wrap. It was made with sunflower seed rice (sprouted and blended sunflower seeds) stuffed with avocado, peppers, apple and carrot, and served with a delicious ranch dressing. The dressing was heavily tamari-esque, zesty and completely drinkable by itself. It was scoffed down so far and enjoyed so my, we even got a couple of extra portions to takeaway…

London Eating: Tanya's Raw Restaurant, Chelsea

London Eating: Tanya's Raw Restaurant, Chelsea

London Eating: Tanya's Raw Restaurant, Chelsea

The vibe of the place is very much hippy chic with a lick of west London glamour. A real mix of clientele, from the Jimmy Choo totterers, to the beautifully honed yogi and a few hemp t-shirt wearers in between. Everyone smiling, laughing and slurping between their forkfuls of rainbow food and their slurps of artfully frothed matcha lattes. I even happened upon a fellow Institute of Integrative Nutrition graduate, further down the bench, which was a delight. She had come all the way from the states for a yoga course at my local, Triyoga. 

London Eating: Tanya's Raw Restaurant, Chelsea

After a sizeable feast, that put to shame the contents of my entire veg box, we could only manage a mouthful (or two) of their goji flecked raw chocolate cups. Not to miss out, we made also might have gotten a slice of raw key lime pie and a couple of beautiful little coconut cups to take away too.

London Eating: Tanya's Raw Restaurant, Chelsea

London Eating: Tanya's Raw Restaurant, Chelsea

London Eating: Tanya's Raw Restaurant, Chelsea

I have tried nearly every raw food restaurant in London so far, and have to say hands down that this is the one that has stolen my heart and tastebuds. I am not always one to write such a glowing review, but I honestly can say that Tanya’s is more than worth the visit for a brunch or lunch. Just make sure to leave room for pudding!

You can find their details here

Currently they are only serving lunches, past 4pm it is only superfood cocktails and light raw bar snacks. Not that I am complaining about that might you. I might have to save those for another rainy London day!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing such uplifting words and images about my cafe. What a joy to read all the way from Ecuador :))

  2. The staff at Tanya’s Cafe were unhelpful and snotty. The meals we had weren’t stricly speaking raw, and were arrogantly overpriced (£5.50 for a side of onion bread; a mere slice). The coffee was stale and the staff’s idea of warm almond milk was to supply a glass of hot water in which to place the milk jug, which resulted in boiling watter spilling everywhere (includig on my person). They then had the gaul to add a 12.5% tip to the bill, which we had to pay. All in all a ghastly experience.

    1. Oh dear, I have to say I have had mixed experiences.
      Perhaps Nama is a better best, if you are looking for RAW food. Its in Notting Hill

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