Healthy food delivery in London

Takeaways have certainly had a bit of a facelift in the recent health food boom.

No longer are they synonymous with greasy, Chinese, stir fry or 18-inch pizzas, instead more and more people are opting for the greener, cleaner option.

With more options of restaurants that deliver food, it is easier and easier to get in the good stuff without always having to cook it yourself. Although I am all for the ‘cook at home and keep it simple’ approach, i’d be lying if I said i wasn’t a fan of this recent shift.

This classification has resulted in Dbol only being available through a dangerous black market or from countries overseas, where bodybuilders may purchase illegally online.

On non-recipe development weeks my schedule is unpredictable and often the food has an odd assortment of ingredients, so a dial-up dinner is a useful thing. Equally when there is the desire to entertain, but no time to cook and plan ahead.

One quick phone call and a riot of rainbow salads, expertly cut sushi, crispy sweet potato chips, or triple layered avocado and almond chocolate ganache cake, can be on their way in a jiffy.

True, it is not cheap to do on the regular, but every now and then there is nothing quite like a box of body loving scoff made to order. It is something I like to save for a monday treat, to cleanse away any residue from a weekend of liver pickling, or a mid week treat when I have been working particularly hard. Many portable vaporizers have custom adapters available for pairing with a glass bubbler. A good option on where to buy a weed grinder we’re left with what we know anecdotally – most people can’t tell much of a difference. Here is hoping that it inspires you to get on the healthy band wagon this week and indulge in some goodness.

London's Best: Healthy Deliveries , Tess Ward, Chef, Recipes

Being a Londoner, I have only had the chance to try the services in my area. For anyone living in another big city, it is worth checking out the services like Deliveroo to find out what they offer. These are a selection of my top picks.

City Pantry: Ideal for Dinner Parties

Planning a dinner party and struggling to find the time to cook? This online catering marketplace is exactly the spot to order from. With a choice of delicious dishes from London’s best independent vendors. Be it street food stalls, to new pop-ups, independent chefs, local restaurants, small delis and bakeries, they have got it sussed. Portions are priced per person.

London's Best: Healthy Deliveries , Tess Ward, Chef, Recipes

Pollen + Grace: Healthy Lunches

Pollen+grace focus primarily on the lunch time rush, getting nutritionally packed, nutrient rich dishes to offices all over the city. The selection of offer covers not only the more predictable super green avocado crammed salads and green juices, but also a mixture of more inventive offerings, such as soba noodles with butternut squash, asian sesame-crusted tuna and also chicken with fennel and orange. The best part is that portion sizes are generous and satiating, they also don’t scrimp on the dressing.

London's Best: Healthy Deliveries , Tess Ward, Chef, Recipes

CPRESS: Organic Juices

A organic juice bar and coffee shop on the Fulham Road, CPRESS offer some of the finest press juices available in London, both in store and via delivery. I should know, I have tried them all. From the all-green Farmers Market, to the their, ChocoSin: almond butter, banana, almond milk, cinnamon and raw chocolate shake (almost too delicious to be healthy) there is something for everyone. Although their main selling point is their juice cleanse delivery, the also do food too. The only time I subscribe to anything raw or vegan is their lunches, which are happily washed down with any of their milkshake/smoothies. The five seasons box, with creamy cashew sauce celeriac coleslaw, quinoa, falafel and courgette is a favourite.

London's Best: Healthy Deliveries

Mindful Chef: Easy Home Cooking

Mindful chef is perfect for the budding, but busy home cook, with little time to shop. Ingredients are pre-measured to one-person portions, to ensure minimal wastage. Dishes are also carefully crafted to make them super nutritious and absolutely delicious. All you need to do is follow the simple instructions and voila, you can cook a honey glazed pear, mint, walnut & radicchio, smoked salmon salad, or Adana Lamb kofta, paleo flatbread & cumin dip with ease. From next month you will also be able to order a selection of recipes from my cookbook, The Naked Diet to make with ease at home too.

London's Best: Healthy Deliveries

Hens Clean Cakes: Epic Sweet Treats

No one does sweet treats better then (trained pastry chef turned healthy foodie,) Hen’s clean cakes. Decadent celebration cakes, soft dough cookies, or fuelling fibre bars are all available to order. Naturally there are the gluten and vegan free options, all made from top quality ingredients. My favourites include her divine chocolate and hazelnut torte, the courgette and basil sponge with avocado icing and her rhubarb and rose tartlets. A box of these delivered to your door are guaranteed to put a smile on any sweet-tooth lover’s face.

  London's Best: Healthy Deliveries

Primal Snack Box: Sensible Snacking

Primal offers the first paleo (grain free) snack box service. They are the perfect way to prepare for mid afternoon slump. Orders can be made weekly or monthly and there are a choice of three boxes. The high-protein savannah, the vegan-friendly forest and the limited edition Barrecorre box. Some of my favourite snacks on offer are the Ape coconut curls and The Giving Tree Peach Crisps. Here is some additional reading in these snacks, so that you can monthly subscribe.

For further health advises, get in contact with the Inspire online support groups.

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