Ultimate Scrambled Eggs and Smoked Salmon

This morning didn’t go quite the way I planned…. I am a big believer that birthdays are for doing little more then relaxing, indulging in good food, fine wine and spending quality time with loved ones. Yes I sounds like a greeting card, but it is true. It’s my birthday and I will be twee if I want to.

This morning was quite the opposite. After a 5am bombardment of messages from all my lovely friends and family on the other side of the world, I managed only a little snoozing before my alarm rudely reminded me that today was in fact a work day. Not a play day 🙁

Gripe though I may it was barely and hour of voice over work, for a new Le Creuset commercial, then I was free to roam the west-end streets, spoil myself with a few treats and head home to a branchy lunch. My all time favourite. Mighty fine Scottish (loch fyne, no less) smoked salmon and fresh eggys – freshly delivered from my neighbours country hens.

What a breakfast…


Scrambled Eggs and Smoked Salmon, Birthday Breakfast




  • 5 large free-range Eggs
  • a knob of Butter
  • 150g Smoked Salmon, sliced
  • a handful of Basil Leaves
  • a few shavings of Parmesan
  • Salt and Fresh Black Pepper


In a bowl, whisk together the eggs with salt pepper and 3 tablespoons of water. (Sounds bizarre, but trust me on this one.)

Heat the butter is a large frying pan over a medium heat. Swirl the butter around in the pan and wait until it begins to foam before you add the eggs. Move the eggs in the pan continuously to ensure they are light fluffy and evenly cooked. The water will help keep in to moisture and help prevent them cooking too fast.

Divide the smoked salmon between two plates. (Maybe a little more on the plate of the birthday girl…)

Top with the buttery soft scrambled eggs, a few shavings of parmesan and a few ripped basil leaves.

If you want to go a step further and get SUPER fancy you could finish off with a drizzle of truffle oil, or a little homemade pesto, but I kept it simple today with a pinch of salt and generous grinding of black pepper.




I just love how the salty parmesan begins to melt over the hot eggs. IMG_2693


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