Seafood Spaghetti with Orange Zest and Parsley

Hugh’s Fish fight campaign might be noble. It might be ethically sound and he might win.
But there is one question that has been continually plaguing my mind throughout. When?!
Regardless of our nation (and hopefully the world) cutting back on our consumption of the unsustainable fish, surely it is just a question of time before every edible fish in our oceans ends up on the ‘no thanks’ list. – See below for the list.
As we all know, food is very much like fashion. Dictated to by trends and popularity.
Lamb Shanks, Pork Belly are just a two examples of food trends that have made ingredients slide up and (not yet down) on the whats ‘hot’ scale. These fads dictate not just the quantity available in supermarkets but also the size of chunk they take out of our wallet when anyone darns to buy them.
For years I have wondered why we haven’t been able to get readily hold of Rabbit and Game in major supermarkets. It seems mad given the quantity of roaming around our countryside. That fact, I am assured, is purely just down to popularity. No one buys it because it is not hot stock. It seems our celebrity chefs need to show the Nation how its done before anyone attempts a venison-a-vin.
I’d bet it only takes one shot of Nigella swinging a Rabbit from its ankles before its popularity hits crazy enough heights that a dozen battery farms pop up, churning out the fluffy tailed blighters like Turkeys at Christmas.
As seen on Episode 1 of my YouTube Channel
For our world fisheries fashion is the problem. It is supply and demand that dictates what gets caught, based on what can be sold. A perfect example of commercial interest top trumping the ecological one.
 Will this change or is it just a question of time before are hands are tied and we end up eating Conger Eel, instead of the board it is nailed to.
As a fish and general seafood fan I am terrified. Caught between my love of the sea, ethical responsibility and the urge for the crispy crunch of Salmon Skin and buttery flesh on my tastebuds. I feel I am at a crossroads. Will this situation get better or should I be stuffing my face with Caviar and Sushi at every opportunity before it all runs out. I won’t lie the former is nearly never, but I wish it was. Flippant though I am, I do make sure to source my fish as local and responsibly as possible. But for those that are unawares it is easy not to do so. I advise you  – read the source location of your food packets in the supermarket, you will be astounded. The hippy in me just screams out at the amount of CO2 bellowed into the atmosphere as a result of the food miles.
I don’t think most of our grandmothers would have ever been able to claim that on three consecutive nights they had eaten Canadian Prawns, Alaskan Salmon and Maldivian Skipjack (albeit out of a can) without knowing it.
Sod the Horse and Hugh’ Dab Baps. Maybe we should be filling our burger buns with the rapidly growing population of Roe and Fallow Deer that are lofting about the countryside and making it dangerous to drive at 100 miles an hour on country lanes. Not fish from the other side of the globe. Perhaps as scientists predict, in 50 years we won’t have the option. Hopefully this won’t be the case, I urge you all to keep it sustainable.
But lets relax in the meantime and enjoy a little seafood. Whilst we can.
(Serves 2)
  • 60g dried Spaghetti
  • 200g Mixed Seafood, cooked
  • 1 clove of Garlic
  • 1 Anchovy Fillet (and a little of the marinade oil)
  • 200g chopped Cherry Tomatoes
  • zest of 1 Orange
  • 50ml White Wine
  • 2 tbs Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 1 heaped tbs fresh Parsley Leaves
Cook the Spaghetti according to packet instruction in plenty of boiling salted water
Whilst the Spaghetti is cooking, finely chop the Garlic and Anchovy.
Get a frying pan on the hob over a medium heat. Add the Olive Oil, the Garlic, Anchovy to the pan, and cook for a minute. Grate the zest of the Orange straight into the pan and fry for a further minute or two until the Garlic has turned golden.
De-glaze the pan with the White Wine then add the chopped Tomatoes.
Bring the Tomato Sauce to the boil then add the Seafood and season with salt and pepper.
Check the Spaghetti is cooked then drain using a colander, reserving a little of the cooking water.
Add the Spaghetti back to the pan it was cooked in and pour in the Seafood Sauce.
Gently toss the Sauce in with the Spaghetti and divide between two bowls.
Drizzle over a little extra Olive Oil and and scatter over the fresh Parsley and serve.


The ‘YES’ Fish List
Atlantic Salmon (organic farmed)
Atlantic Halibut (onshore farmed)
Coley or Saithe (NE Arctic)
Pollack or Lythe
Pouting or Bib
Prawn – cold water (NE Arctic, Canada)
Prawn – King or Tiger (organic farmed)
Rainbow Trout (organic/freshwater farm)
Sardine or Pilchard
Skipjack Tuna
The ‘NO’ Fish List
Atlantic Halibut (wild)
Atlantic Salmon (wild)
Bluefin Tuna
Deepwater fish (all)
Prawn – King or Tiger
(wild & non certified farmed)
Spurdog (Spiny Dogfish)
Sturgeon Cavi
For More information check out
or click here for a more comprehensive fish list
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