London Eating: See Sushi, Paddington

As we head into the festive season, it is true, (almost everywhere) that skiving work when your bosses back is turned becomes acceptable. Pretty much everyday in the last week or so i have seen business men in the pubs from as early half 4. Men and women that have abandoned their desks in the city, no doubt running out of their office the moment their bosses have left for the Caribbean. And young trendy professionals popping out for ‘quick coffee’ or a ‘photoshoot pick up’ and spending the better part of their afternoon in many of the new, trendy restaurants that are popping up all over London.
So not to show these slackers up, in true comrade style, my dad and I ditched any work we had to do and went for a proper Monday lunch.
The restaurant in question is a newby, See Sushi, which has recently opened in Paddington, after the raging success of its first restaurant in Glasgow. As per usual i got a typical grunt of disapproval from my dad when I told him where we were going – he is not a true Sushi lover as I am. However the menu choice was great and diverse with many options for the raw fish non-lover, perhaps even more than Sushi itself. There was the option of Bento Boxes, Sticky Rice Bowls, Noodle dishes, Hot and Cold Small Plates as well as the expected Cali Rolls and Nigeri.
We opted for Miso Soups to start, (in my opinion the only way to start an Asian meal) it was well flavoured and well seasoned – no sachet cop out present here. Then the Saki and Cucumber Cali Roll, which originally was not my first choice. It was delicious although a little more Sake flavour wouldn’t have gone amiss.  I was however left feeling a little empty and sad that i didn’t go for the Eel when the next door table got served a bulging seaweed stuffed beauty.
For main we went for the Chirashi Don. which is a selection of Mixed raw Seafood and Tofu garnishing a bed of Sticky Rice, a Black Miso Cod Bento Box complete with Gyozas and crispy fried, creamy filled, Pumpkin Croquettes (the favourite in terms of taste and value) and the Chicken Katsu Curry Bento.
The service was great and the staff friendly, (even bringing over complimentary Spring Rolls on our arrival) and the Puddings suitably creative. Overall it was a lovely lunch. I would recommend that as soon as your bosses backs are turned you leg it out of the office and over to Paddington to enjoy your own.
 Chicken Katsu
 Black Miso Cod
Chopstick Madness
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