London Eating: Shackfuyu, Soho

I almost dare not hype much about my newest Soho dinner hideaway for fear that my experience might sky rocket expectations. However if the popularity of Bone Daddies and Flesh & Buns is anything to go by, Shackfuyu is bound for the same rave reviews, despite its unpronounceable name.

Shackfuyu opened its doors just a few weeks ago, and rather quickly made it to the top of my MUST VISIT list. There certainly ain’t nothing like a little Japanese soul food to warm the post-winter cockles.

Shnack-attack at Shackfuyu, SohoShnack-attack at Shackfuyu, Soho

The restaurant boasts a pleasing mix of asian inspired small plates and daily specials, served as prepared by the kitchen. I was really sold on the promise of miso aubergine and slow cooked ribs.

Shnack-attack at Shackfuyu, Soho, Tess Ward

Top: Zara, Necklace: Lily King

The menu is short and succinct, perfect for the indecisive diner. The options certainly err towards comfort food, with prawn toast, Korean chicken wings and potatoes with curry sauce dominating the menu. However there are also more healthful options too.

My beautiful yogi friend Nina (founder of YOKE) and I went for the miso aubergine, sashimi toastadas, hot stone rice, endive and pear salad from the main menu. Plus the sea bass and grilled prawns, from the specials.

Shnack-attack at Shackfuyu, Soho, prawns, salad, sashimi, miso, aubergine

Pricing of the menu with the odd £4.8 and £5.2 made bill guess-timation impossible. Possibly this is another new annoying thing that Soho restaurants are going to adopt to further infuriate diners once the no-reservations policy becomes the non-plus.. I suppose rounding prices up or down would have made life a little too kind. Unsurprisingly I gave up after the second Ringo Starr

Shnack-attack at Shackfuyu, Soho, salad, endiveShnack-attack at Shackfuyu, Soho

The portion sizing of the sharing plates are all a little on the ungenerous side.The sashimi toastadas, smaller than two pence pieces and thinner than communion wafers were a bit of a stretch at £2.5 a pop. However the vast platters of the specials more than made up for this. Vast, plump and juice prawns, sweet as anything and a deboned crispy-skinned sea bass was more than enough to make up for it.

 Shnack-attack at Shackfuyu, Soho, avocado, beetroot, salad

Shnack-attack at Shackfuyu, SohoIf ever you want to find a time to enjoy a pleasant experience eating out at Shackfuyu, or indeed in soho, it is mid-week. Preferably a wednesday.

The benchmark between weekends. By this point being full slog into the working week, you can certainly justify a cheeky glass of red, (one or two is medicinal) avoid the weekend’s ostentatious tourists and abundant cabbies, circling the streets.

 Shnack-attack at Shackfuyu, Soho

You can find Shackfuyu’s details here.  If you go and try the ribs and the mackerel escabeche, please do let me know if they are good. They are both dishes I plan on going back for.

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