Marinated Aubergine and Goji Rice Bowl

Do like your meat? don’t want to give it up, but also like the idea of doing a little good for the planet?

Well.. then it is time to adopt the Meat Free Thursday approach. Its is exactly like Meat Free Mondays, but being the rebel that I am, I have adopted it on another day, when there are no sunday roast leftovers to tempt.

All it advocates is just one day a week off. No monotonous diets, no endless restrictions… just one day a week of no meat. Its is all about moderation and you know I am a fan of that. Aside from being a great chance to cleanse the digestive tract and give our bodies a bit of a break, it is also easy on the wallet (we know good meat ain’t cheap), and a chance to play around with new recipes. This one is particularly easy and delicious, if I do say so myself.

Soy Marinated Aubergine and Goji Rice Bowl

Soy Marinated Aubergine and Goji Rice Bowl

If meat is usually the staple on your plate, a good way to avoid missing it is choose dishes like this aubergine dish as a substitute. Aubergine, when baked retains a meaty dense texture. It is also pretty substantial, so you won’t be hankering for a big mack after. Well lets hope not anyway.

Super easy to make, all it takes is a little preparation and marinading time, which can be done in the morning, or even the night before. When you are ready to cook the aubergine simply pop it in a baking tray and bake for half an hour or so. Easy peasy, yes pleasey.

Just a note – In a lot of my recipes I use garlic oil this is because not only do you get the flavour of garlic without the hassle of chopping it and getting it all over your hands. Also, because I am allergic to soy, I use a similar tasting coconut aminos. It is harder to come by, soif you dont suffer with any allergies you can use the regular sort.

For the Marinade

  • 3 medium Aubergines
  • 1 thumb sized piece of Ginger, grated
  • 50ml Tamari, or coconut aminos
  • 2 tbs Garlic Oil , or Olive Oil and a grated clove of Garlic
  • 1 tbs Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 1 tsp Blackstrap Molasses
  • 2 tsp Honey or Maple Syrup
  • A pinch of Chilli Powder (optional)

For the Rice

  • 350g Basmati Rice
  • 50g Goji Berries
  • 4 Spring Onions
  • 4 tbs Coriander, chopped


Soy Marinated Aubergine and Goji Rice Bowl


Wash the aubergine, dry them and split them down the middle, vertically.

Use a sharp knife to make criss cross incisions into the flesh (so the marinade can seep in)

Whisk the all the marinade ingredients together in a bowl, then evenly distribute by pouring over the aubergines. Leave the aubergines to marinate for at least 30 minutes. A couple of hours is best.

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees celsius/ Gas Mark 5

Place the halved aubergines in a baking tray and cover with foil. Put them in the oven to cook for 20mins, then remove the foil and cook for a further 20-25 mins

Meanwhile place the rice in a sieve and was throughly under the cold tap. Place it into a medium saucepan and cover over with water by a couple of inches. Cook the rice according to packet instruction – approximately 15 minutes.

Once the rice is cooked take it off the heat and gently fold through a couple of table spoons of garlic oil, the goji berries, spring onion, chopped coriander and a good pinch of salt.

Once the aubergines are cooked, remove them from the oven. Divide the rice between bowls scatter over some sesame seeds and fresh coriander and serve.

I finished mine off with a drizzle of my fave tahini lemon sauce but a fried egg would have been equally delicious.

Soy Marinated Aubergine and Goji Rice Bowl

Soy Marinated Aubergine and Goji Rice Bowl

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