The Best Date Night Steak with Herbs and Chilli

The last few months I have been lucky enough to be a contributor the food pages of Grazia live, reviewing London restaurants. Eating in some of the most amazing places with some truly incredible food.

Unsurprisingly it is trying new foods that inspires me, in my recipe development the most. So I have made myself the promise that over the next few months I will recreate some of the tastiest to share with you. As with all my food, my interest and focus is upon natural, health-giving colourful foods, good quality ingredients and bold flavours. It is these enjoyable dishes that I hope to share in the hope that you can recreate them at home and enjoy them as much as I have when I have eaten them out.

For anyone wondering, or who doesn’t yet know much about me, or my cooking, I am not a burger sort of girl, which is why you wont find those sorts of reviews on my pages. By default the restaurant I choose tend to fit into the the ethos that I celebrate in my own cooking. Wholesome, quick and delicious everyday food. The Best Date Night Steak with Herbs and Chilli

This recipe is based on one of the most simple, but delicious meals I have yet had at Hawksmoor, a restaurant in central London. A place with excellent produce from well know London butcher (The Ginger Pig) that is cooked well. Because the quality of their meat is so high, simplicity is key. The celebrate the steak in (almost) its purest form I have chose not to garnish it in anymore than a little fresh chilli (for heat), herbs (for freshness) and balsamic glaze, for sweetness.

Perhaps I am being a bit of a beef purists but I think it is a shame to hide the rich flavour of a quality steak under a mountain of heavy sauce. Keep it light and fresh with a few simple and pretty adornments. Any boy that can get a cracking steak on the table, like this one, is certainly a keeper!  So not to let anything else steal the show, all you need to accompany is some greens to have with it. Like my Kale and Market Green Salad, which you can find the video for here

The Best Date Night Steak with Herbs and Chilli I would certainly advise you fry your steak, although you can grill it if you prefer (which prevents stinking out the house) A heavy-duty, thick-based frying pan, provides the best results. Stainless steel pans are great because they get really hot which is ideal to develop charred finish to the outside of your meat.I use Ozeri Green Earth Ecoware or my heavy Le Creuset griddle pan. True they are a little more expensive, but the are the best quality and will last you for life. A tip : If you are cooking steak in bulk, for many people, do them in batches. Cook them one or two at a time then leave them to rest as you cook the remainder of your batch. The worst thing is crowding the pan, as it will prevent them from frying properly. There are tips (below) on how to optimally fry a steak. For a cut slightly thicker, like a fillet or a beffier (s’cuse the dad joke) steak, increse the cooking time for an extra half minute on each side.


  • 2 Steaks, I recommend either sirloin, fillet or ribeye
  • 1 tbs Coconut Oil, I like Biona
  • Balsamic Glaze or Pomegranate Molasses for drizzling
  • Sea Salt and Freshly Ground Black Pepper


Method of Cooking for a 2cm thick sirloin steak

Heat the pan over a high heat. Rub the steaks with the coconut oil and season on both side with sea salt and pepper. Add them to the pan. To know the pan is how enough, you should hear a good loud sizzle when they go in. Cooking time depends on how you like them. 

  • Blue: Approximately 1 min each side
  • Rare: About 1½ mins each side
  • Medium rare: About 2 mins each side
  • Medium: About 2¼ mins each side


Resting the Meat

One of the most important parts of cooking a steak is the resting time. A cooked steak should rest at room temperature for at least five minutes. it is in this time the fibres of the meat will relax. Prevent the meat loosing its juices and resulting in a moist and tender finish to your steak.  Once nicely rested, you can slice it and garnish with the chilli, parsley and glaze. If you fancy, you could mix it up with different herbs and garnishes too. 

The Best Date Night Steak with Herbs and Chilli

If you try anything different, do let me know by leaving a comment in the box below. Happy date night dining. x

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