The Naked Diet Cookbook

I am honoured (and just a little bit emotional) that my first cookbook has now been released all over the world! You can order it now here:

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The Naked Diet is a cookbook to help you uncover a new way of eating for the better, celebrating whole foods in their natural, unprocessed form. Delicious dishes, stripped back to their barest essentials, for simple everyday cooking. These are exciting recipes that will give you tonnes of energy, get you excited about food and cleanse your body.

The recipes are a mix of healthful and creating, including contemporary takes on favourites and unique twists. My favourites include beetroot quinoa granola, lamb meatballs with spiced rhubarb sauce and pistachios (above), super green cauliflower couscous and soba noodles with mango and sesame.

I can’t wait to see you cook the dishes, it available to order now, over here !!

Lots of Love,

Tess x

  1. Hi
    I tried buying your book on Amazon from the Canadian site but it’s called the naked COOKBOOK and not the naked DIET. is it the same thing?

    Thank you!


  2. hey tessa!!i was wondering about your many contries have your book?sory my english is bad im from you xx

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