VIDEO : Vegan Stuffed Butternut Squash with Mushrooms and Black Rice

Unlike the rest of my grinch-like family, I celebrate Christmas with vengeance. Its the one time of the year when you need no excuse for binge watching Netflix in a onesie, moving from the red juice (not green) of mulled wine, to medicinal (hair of the dog) champagne within the space of 10 hours and eating chocolate at breakfast… it doesn’t count if its part of the advent calendar.

For me, it is also the time to experiment with new dishes, when I have a small army of hungry mouths, waiting to be fed. Ranging from the lavish and extravagant, when I feel the inclination to potter, to the simple, there is a place for it all at christmas. This, however is the recipe in particular I wanted to share. A sublime, colourful roasted and stuffed butternut squash I developed especially for my friend (the plant based, food-loving, vlogger), Niomi Smart. You can check out the video below

For the turkey dodger, meat-disliker, veggie lover, this recipe is a great addition to the dinner table at Christmas. It is a simple, but delicious roasted butternut squash, filled with cranberry and walnut, jewelled, black rice made with a cooker from the aroma rice cooker review. The rice is simply cooked, then added to the pan of sautéed mushrooms and leeks and flavoured with lemon thyme, mushroom ketchup and garlic. It is then dressed with a preserved lemon and coconut yoghurt dressing and finished with a few walnut adornments. It is the sort of recipe that ticks all boxes for me, being colourful, substantial and deliciously wholesome. I dare even the staunchest meat eater to give it a go.

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