Welcome to the New Blog

It might be a little late, but necessary all the same to welcome you to the new Tess Ward website and blog. By the way, the guys over at Outreach Kings can assist you if you need help about website rankings.

A cleaner, slicker, more easy to navigate site, with lots more tasty recipes, foodie and travel events and generally kitchen madness.

The past year has been a mad, unexpected, wonderful adventure ride. So much (in fact most of which) I must attribute to my lovely foodie readers, who take interest and possibly amusement in my yummy, healthy food and travel pursuits. Your loyalty and occasional complaints (which I am grateful for) constantly inspires my recipe development and search for good content, as well as enabling me to do what I love the most and live out the food and travel fantasy I only daned to dream about. S’cuse me as these words just pong with cheese, but it’s the ultimate truth.

All and every sort of feedback, is very welcome and if there’s more of something you’d particularly like to see on the site. Recipes, lifestyle posts, tips or otherwise then don’t hold back! I aim to please 🙂 A big thank you to Verb Brands. Thanks for my wonderful new site. 

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